Azealia Banks Just Went on a Questionable Twitter Rant About Abortion

The controversy-loving star dips her toe into another controversial pool.

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Entertainer Azealia Banks is not one to shy from a debate—in fact, her interviews and social media feeds are testament to the fact that Banks loves to question, remark, and shock fans and readers when it comes to, well, basically anything. ("I'm not here to be your idol," she once told Billboard, after being asked why it is that she loves to stir the pot so much.) 

But her latest litany of tweets may have just stolen the show—and I'm still not sure what to make of them. 

Some followers called her out for "running out of controversial topics," while others praised her for "exploring and thinking independently." For my part, I think suggesting a lifetime limit on abortions is yet another way to put a stranglehold on a woman's authority over her own body. And to the concern about "wilding," it's worth noting that only two percent of women ages 15 to 44 have abortions each year, with just around half that number having already had one previously. 

But hey...any conversation about abortion can be a productive conversation about abortion. And that's exactly what this turned into.

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