Taylor Swift Is Here to "Make Your Life More Awesome" with This Playlist of Sick New Songs

From Tay Tay, with love.

Taylor Swift may be the biggest pop star in the world, but as proven by her open letter to Apple, she's always fighting the good fight for newer, lesser-known artists. Her latest move for the cause? Creating an 11-track mixtape comprised almost exclusively of up-and-comers instead of the Top 40 stars that grace her 1989 stage. 

Swift shared the playlist—perfect for fall, we might add—and deemed it "New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome," with an Instagram snap of her journal, where she'd written each song title and artist's name by hand. Following the last track, she scribbled "The End (for now)," which has us hoping she'll make it a semi-regular ritual for the sake of our music collection because damn, these picks are on point. 

We're especially keen on all the powerful female vocalists, from 19-year-old Def Jam protégé Alessia Cara to rising singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan. Not to mention, the killer collabs from actors-turned-singers Hudson Thames and Haliee Steinfeld, as well as R&B songstress Kehlani and Norwegian electro producer Coucheron. 

Because you need to bless your ears with every single one of these tracks, we've compiled them all on a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. 

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