Red Alert: Beyoncé Is Working on New Music, Sia Has Casually Revealed

NBD. *faints*


Sia just revealed Beyoncé's working on new music in the most casual way ever.

There she was, chatting away to Rolling Stone about for whom she'd been writing songs when she slipped in the most exciting news we've heard all week: "I didn't send as much to Beyoncé, though I do know she's working on something," she said.

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"Though I do know she's working on something." 😱😱😱

If Sia's not in on the action, we probably can't expect another round of "Pretty Hurts" power pop (co-written by the bewigged one), but judging from the last time we got a Beyoncé album (you know, the time we had zero time to ready ourselves), we can expect...literally anything.

So while we're getting twitchy about when Rihanna's finally going to drop her new album, we can start bracing ourselves for the return of another pop megastar. Our poor nerves.

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