Twitter Is Possibly Getting a GIF Button, but Don't Get Too Excited Just Yet

::Jonah Hill flailing::

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Probably don't start rubbing your hands together at the thought of unleashing your "Fire GIFs" folder onto the unsuspected hordes of Twitter—there *might* be a button for that, but according to TNW News, it might just direct you to what is basically someone with not as good taste's camera roll. Laaaaame.

Earlier this week, some tweeple noticed a new feature positioned between the photo and poll features, which reportedly let users browse trending GIFs and a selection of other images sorted into mood categories. So…just like Facebook messenger and Tumblr. Except now it's gone. 

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But hey! They're definitely going to need some help populating the library, so show some initiative and put in your application now for Chief Executive Graphics Interchange Format Curator. I hear the benefits are 👌.

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