The Foreo UFO Gives You a Cryo Facial at Home

...and it's majorly discounted right now.

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When you work in beauty, you often hear about a brand-new or very luxe skincare treatment and hope that you'll be able to try it out for yourself someday. And sometimes, one of your favorite skincare brands debuts a techy tool that makes said skincare treatment an at-home operation. The FOREO UFO Smart Mask is that kind of tool.

The device is currently discounted on Amazon as a part of the site's Holiday Beauty Haul event. While it originally retailed for $199, you can snag it—for a few days only!–for $139.30. While yes, it's still a splurge, it's not often that you get to try out a celebrity-adored facial in the comfort of your own bathroom. And if you're a fan of the procedure already, you're in good company: both Jennifer Aniston and Gigi Hadid swear by it to keep their skin looking glowy.

While a cryo–short for "cryotherapy"—style facial is usually achieved with a machine at a medispa, FOREO makes the procedure possible with one handheld tool—and the entire process spans only 90 seconds. The device is even hooked up to an app for your phone that lets you customize your process and has specific treatments for day and nighttime use.

The device works with any mask, but the brand does sell a series of specialized sheet masks, each of which targets a specific skincare need. The UFO Smart Mask then uses warming technology to prep the skin and open the pores before shrinking them down with a chilling blast immediately after. T-sonic pulsations then work to increase circulation in the skin and to help the product actually sink deeper into the skin. LED red light technology rounds out the facial and boosts collagen production, leaving skin feeling firm. So if you see me with glowing skin this winter, just know that it's all due to this one device.

Julia Marzovilla
Julia Marzovilla

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