This 'Game of Thrones' Spoiler About Arya Stark Changes the Game

The face swap to end all face swaps is coming. (And also, winter.)

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Remember Walder Frey? The friendly old dude on Game of Thrones (opens in new tab) who orchestrated The Red Wedding and ruined your life? This ol' chestnut!

Well, as we all know, Frey died in Season 6 when Arya slit his throat—but it looks like he's making a zombie-like return from the dead in Game of Thrones' upcoming season. Spoiler site Watchers on the Wall (opens in new tab) reports that Frey actor David Bradley's official agency resume (opens in new tab) has him appearing in Season 7, which could mean several things.

1. He's an actual zombie. Unlikely, so let's move on.

2. Arya will use her Faceless talents to assume the identity of Frey, and presumably make all kinds of mischief while doing so. This theory is bolstered by an old Reddit leak (opens in new tab), which suggests Arya will go on a mission to kill Frey's sons in Season 7.

No words for how excited we are. Only GIFs.

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