'Fallout' Season 2: Everything We Know

The Prime Video adaptation turns a classic video game into a gruesome thrill ride.

Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean in 'Fallout'
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Fallout is the latest prestige video game turned into a series, and where The Last of Us had fungal zombies and buckets of tears, the new Prime Video offering has radiation zombies and tons of body horror. The show takes place in the distant future, two centuries after a nuclear holocaust ended modern civilization (hence all of the vintage needle-drops). Countless different factions populate the Wasteland that was once Los Angeles, but the show focuses on three main players: Lucy MacLean (Yellowjackets alum Ella Purnell), who grew up in a Vault underground and ventures to the surface to save her abducted father (played by Kyle MacLachlan); Maximus (Aaron Moten), a squire in the mech-suit aided cop-cult Brotherhood of Steel; and The Ghoul (Walton Goggins), a seemingly immortal bounty hunter who was also alive before the bombs dropped.

The new series has delighted both gamers and TV fans alike, drawing viewers into the dystopian, intricately-plotted story. (Westworld's Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy serve as executive producers, and the vibe of the two shows is not dissimilar.) The series has even made such a splash that Amazon has already given an official update on the show's future. Read on to see everything we know about Fallout season 2.

a man (aaron moten as maximus) in a jumpsuit stands to the right of a large mechanical suit of armor as they both stand in a forest clearing, in 'fallout'

A knight of the Brotherhood of Steel with his squire Maximus (Aaron Moten) in Fallout.

(Image credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video)

Has 'Fallout' been renewed for season 2?

Yes! Amazon announced the season 2 renewal just a week after Fallout's premiere on April 10, 2024. Per the streamer, the new show ranked among the Prime Video's top three most-watched titles ever within just four days of its debut, and it was their most-watched series since the Lord of the Rings reboot Rings of Power.

Upon its renewal, creators and co-showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner shared a joint statement: "Holy sh-t. Thank you to Jonah [Nolan], Kilter [Films], Bethesda [Game Studios] and Amazon for having the courage to make a show that gravely tackles all of society’s most serious problems these days—cannibalism, incest, jello cake. More to come!"

When will season 2 of 'Fallout' be released?

Season 2's premiere date likely depends on whether Prime Video plans to fast-track its latest hit, but either way, fans will have to wait a while. The first season began filming in mid-2022 and episodes didn't arrive until over a year and a half later in April 2024, given the sci-fi series' heavy post-production lift. Considering that timeline, hopefully Fallout will return before the end of 2025.

three people (Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean, Michael Emerson as Wilzig, and Dale Dickey as Ma June) stand in front of a dilapidated store, in 'Fallout'

Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), Wilzig (Michael Emerson), and Ma June (Dale Dickey) in Fallout episode 2.

(Image credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video)

Which of the cast will return for 'Fallout' season 2?

Most of the main cast is expected to return for the next season, including Ella Purnell (Lucy MacLean), Aaron Moten (Maximus), Walton Goggins (The Ghoul), Kyle MacLachlan (Hank MacLean), Moisés Arias (Norm MacLean), Frances Turner (Barb Howard), Michael Esper (Bud Askins), Leslie Uggams (Betty Pearson), Dave Register (Chet), Annabel O’Hagan (Stephanie Harper), Zach Cherry (Woody Thomas), Rodrigo Luzzi (Reg McPhee), Johnny Pemberton (Thaddeus), and Xelia Mendes-Jones (Dane).

The biggest question mark at the moment is whether Sarita Choudhury could return, as her character Moldaver was shot in the finale. But if Moldaver could survive 200 years post-apocalypse, who says death can stop her?

What will happen in 'Fallout' season 2?

Season 1 of Fallout ended with two major cliffhangers. Firstly, a heartbroken Lucy learned that her father Hank (MacLachlan) is secretly a part of the conspiracy behind the Vaults. It's revealed that, before the bombs dropped, Hank was an employee of Vault-Tec, the defense contractor that sold spots for families to their doomsday Vaults. To ensure that their business model paid off, Vault-Tec dropped the nuclear bombs themselves to start the war and monopolize the industry. (This detail is original to the show, which ends decades of debate among fans of the video game regarding who started the apocalypse.)

kyle maclachlan, standing at a podium with a microphone, in front of a projection of trees and a grain sill, in 'fallout'

Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) overseeing a Vault-Tec vault in the Fallout premiere.

(Image credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video)

If prompting Armageddon wasn't bad enough, Vault-Tec also conspired to use the Vaults as sadistic social experiments, installing systems to test which Vault would become the ultimate society. Lucy's Vault 33 was connected to two others, and her brother Norm (Moisés Arias) discovers that Vault 31 is full of the cryogenically frozen brains of Vault-Tec workers. They've been preserved since before the war, and once awakened, they often end up being elected as an overseer of the other Vaults. Also, their mission extends to making sure that civilization doesn't restart on the surface, taking away their monopoly. Hank has gone to extreme lengths to fulfill his role, including destroying the surface community Shady Sands (and radiating Lucy's mother in the process when she took their children to live there).

In the final battle to capture the McGuffin that everyone's been searching for all season — which turns out to be the key to infinite power via cold fusion — Hank escapes and Maximus is knocked out. The Ghoul offers Lucy two choices: Stay and likely get killed by the Brotherhood, or join him in tracking down Hank, who knows where the remaining members of Ghoul's family may be hiding out.

She decides to go with him, setting up season 2 with a road trip plot line, as they set out to track him down. The final scene also shows a hint of Hank's destination, at least for a couple episodes: New Vegas, the town that's the subject of one of the most popular Fallout games. Basically, expect many more interesting characters and even more bloodshed.

Moises Arias as Norm and Dave Register as Chet stand inside an underground vault, in 'Fallout'

Vault Dwellers Norm MacLean (Moisés Arias) and Chet (Dave Register) in Fallout.

(Image credit: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video)

What has the cast and crew said about season 2?

In an interview with GQ, creators Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet teased some of the storylines they're excited to explore in season 2, including Lucy's motivation as she goes after her dad.

"What exactly her precise motive is is something we're very excited to dive into more in season 2, but I wouldn't ever underestimate Lucy's curiosity as something that's motivating her deep down," Robertson-Dworet told the outlet. "As much as she leaves to find her father in the pilot, she also wants to f--kin' know what's out that door. Similarly, over the course of the season, she's learned that everything she thought about the world, in her vault, was wrong, right? ... There's a certain amount of, ‘I want to understand, I want to leave the cave again.’ In a way, it's a mirror image to the pilot."

The co-showrunners have also teased that one of the most beloved monsters from the game will make it to the screen in season 2. While speaking with TheWrap, the pair confirmed that some characters next season will have to face off against the apex predators of the Fallout universe, the Deathclaws.

“We wanted to get Deathclaws [in season 1], but we didn’t want to just throw it away. It’s such a monumental piece,” Wagner explained. “We want to save some something for season 2 to be able to do it properly, not just added on to the massive world-building we had to do already in season 1. So season 2, we’re very excited to finally tackle one of the most iconic elements of the games.”

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