The 'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer Is Insane in All the Best Ways

Dolores is more badass than ever—and yes, that's saying something.

This weekend, HBO debuted a brand new trailer for Westworld Season 2 at San Diego Comic-Con. The new footage came as a big surprise to fans, considering the show isn't set to return until 2018.

The new trailer, eerily set to "I Gotta Be Me" by Sammy Davis Jr., doesn't give away a ton of specifics about the plot for the upcoming season, but the moments it does show are all nothing short of incredible. Here are some of the most eyebrow-raising moments:

The blood-soaked player piano:

Bernard standing over a dead tiger:

The Delos offices full of dead bodies:

Maeve, holding a gun and standing in a room of dead bodies of her own:

Dolores, gunning down people (humans?) in a field:

Fancy, high-tech, not Wild West-themed cars driving through Westworld:

With Bernard in the backseat:

And finally, the Man in Black (AKA William), looking very much alive and up to his old tricks:

Watch the full trailer below:

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