Are Si-eun and Min-woo Still Together After 'Single's Inferno' Season 3?

Despite the struggles in timing, Si-eun finally walked away with her "prince."

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Spoilers for Single's Inferno season 3 finale ahead. No couple on Single's Inferno season 3 showed the importance of good timing when it comes to matters of the heart more than Cho Min-woo and Yu Si-eun. The two contestants initially started out on separate Infernos (the best twist on the show's history thus far), but their chemistry was immediately apparent once their two groups united. However, each of them were pulled in different directions, and as they spent time on other dates, becoming increasingly frustrated by the circumstances. It took until the season's final episodes for Si-eun and Min-woo to finally connect, and they went on to become the first-ever couple to choose each other without ever having a date in Paradise. Fans are now clamoring for news whether the sweet pair are still going strong after the show.

What are Si-eun and Min-woo's ages and jobs?

Si-eun and Min-woo were mysteries to each other throughout the season, but they were both pleasantly surprised when they found out they shared plenty of similarities. It turns out that they are both models, with 27-year-old Si-eun working as a freelancer in the wedding, fashion, and beauty industries, while 24-year-old Min-woo has previously walked at Seoul Fashion Week. Si-eun was also the first runner-up for Miss Korea 2022, and she recently started her own YouTube channel as an influencer.

What happened between Si-eun and Min-woo on 'Single's Inferno' 3?

Si-eun and Min-woo quickly got along when the two Infernos combined. In their first conversation, they put each other at ease even though they were both initially shy with other people. As they were getting to know each other in Inferno, the arrival of student Min-ji shook things up when she chose Min-woo and Jin-seok to go on a Paradise date. Min-woo and Min-ji didn't really end up clicking; but this was just the first of several times where either Min-woo or Si-eun were picked to go to Paradise with other people. After winning a game of "Catch the Tail," model Gyu-ri chose Min-woo to go to Paradise. (Si-eun, who got third place and the third slot to chose her Paradise pick, was left to choose Min-kyu for a friend date.) Gyu-ri had been interested in Min-woo since they were together on the first Inferno, and Min-woo began to feel torn between her and Si-eun. Then, Si-eun was chosen for a date by Won-ik, whom she had gone to Paradise with on the first date of the season, but she was no longer interested in him. Si-eun even cried in frustration because she and Min-woo were going to be separated for the third night in a row.

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When Si-eun arrives back in Inferno, Min-woo pulls her aside for a chat admitting that he's the only person she's interested in. In a confessional, Min-woo says he likes Si-eun more than Gyu-ri because of how honest she is with her feelings, and they even hold hands as they walk along the beach. During an awkward conversation, he lets Gyu-ri know his choice, and they spend their last two nights bonding in Inferno together since neither of them have a chance to go to Paradise.

"Fast forward to the finale, and both Min-woo and Won-ik choose Si-eun as their final pick. (Min-woo jokingly tells her, "Thank you for everything in Paradise—I mean, in Inferno.") To no one's surprise, Si-eun chooses Min-woo as well. As they walk off hand-in-hand, Min-woo tells her she looks like a princess, and Si-eun replies that he must be her prince.

Are Si-eun and Min-woo still together?

It's unknown as of now whether the pair are officially dating after the show, but it seems that they are still very close. They're following each other on Instagram, and they both shared photos together in celebratory posts about the end of the season.

Both of them have also shared fan-edits of their romantic finale moment to their Instagram Stories, including one that was captioned, "The k-drama couple we needed." Time will tell whether these are hints that they're going strong or just time spent reminiscing on sweet memories.

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