The 'Single's Inferno' Season 3 Cast: Your Guide

Meet the new group of singles on Netflix Korea's hit dating show.

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Single's Inferno, South Korea's answer to dating shows like Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise, has finally returned. Season 3 of the Netflix reality series premiered on December 12, 2023, introducing a new group of gorgeous singles who will brave the elements with the hopes of finding love and making it to "Paradise." In case you didn't catch the first or second seasons, the dating show drops a group of beautiful people onto a bare-bones deserted island called "Inferno" where they have the chance to pair up and escape. The matched couples will spend the evening in the "Paradise" (a luxury hotel date) while the rest are left to dine on root vegetables and canned chicken breast before spending the night in what looks like shipping containers.

For season 3, Single's Inferno has been through a revamp, introducing a new face to the commentary panel (season 2 contestant Kim Ji-young, a.k.a. Dex, joins regular hosts Hong Jin-kyung, Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, and Haehae); a new hotel setting for Paradise; and a shocking twist to Inferno. (I'll leave you to watch, but think Casa Amour for any Love Island fans.) The show's producers have also found an intriguing new cast, which includes several pageant queens, a real-life rescue hero, and an already-famous professional athlete. Read on to get to know the cast of Single's Inferno season 3.

Warning: Spoilers for episodes 1-5 ahead.

Kim Gyu-ri

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Fashion and beauty model Gyu-ri was a runner-up for Miss Korea 2022. She came to Inferno to meet someone who can "get [her] heart racing" and who "makes [her] smile every time [she] looks at him." The 28-year-old (Ed. note: All ages listed are under the Korean age system) says she's a bright person who loves to laugh, but she tends to be cautious when meeting new people.

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Choi Hye-seon

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Choi Hye-seon, 26, is currently a bioinformatics major at the Life Sciences department of Ewha Women’s University, and has previously held prestigious internships at Seoul National University as well as a Silicon Valley startup. She describes herself as a "ball of sunshine" and fitness enthusiast who often gets hit on at the gym. She also says she likes men who are "masculine."

Instagram: @hazelchoiii

Choi Min-woo

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Choi Min-woo, 24, is a model who has worked for several fashion brands and walked in Seoul Fashion week. He says that if he meets his dream girl in Inferno, he'll "do his best to win her over." He also says that he's into women older than him who seem "innocent and elegant." Since he says he's more introverted, he also prefers women who are "bright and cheerful."

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Lee Jin-seok

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Lee Jin-seok, 31, is an entrepreneur who owns several bakery cafés in Daegu and Seoul, South Korea. The fitness buff also weight trains as a hobby, and he's proudest of his chest definition. He says people tell him he’s intimidating at first but cute when he smiles.

Instagram: @seok_lj

An Min-young

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An Min-young, 26, is a Pilates instructor who owns her own studio. She also competed in Miss Busan Jinhae 2023 and currently works as an influencer with over 40k followers (prior to the show's debut). She's bright, bubbly, and sweet, and plans to use her charm to win the men over. She also says that she came to Inferno to meet a guy who’ll make her heart race.

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Lee Gwan-hee

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Lee Gwan-hee, 36, is a professional basketball player who is currently a shooting guard for the Changwon LG Sakers, part of the Korea Basketball League. He has previously appeared on variety shows including Running Man, and he runs a personal YouTube channel. The confident cast member says he'd describe himself as "passionate" and that he's confident he can get girls to approach him.

Instagram: @leegwanhee0429

Son Won-ik

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Son Won-ik, 31, is a licensed realtor and avid marathon runner who also has his own YouTube channel. He says people describe him as optimistic and honest with a boyish charm. He's always up for a challenge and a new experience, and he says he's "determined to escape Inferno."

Instagram: @hiwonik

Yun Ha-bin

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Yun Ha-bin is a 31-year-old actor who mostly does independent films, though you may recognize from a different Netflix hit. Eagle-eyed fans noticed he had a short role in episode 2 of the 2023 romance K-drama My Demon. He says that his eyes are his most attractive feature as they make him look "good natured." He adds that he always pushes forward with goals without giving up, and he wants to "shake things up” in Inferno.

Instagram: @yunhxvin

Yun Ha-jeong

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Yun Ha-jeong, 26, is an office worker at a medical clothing company. She is also an aspiring actress and model signed under Leaders Entertainment, and she was a runner-up in Miss Chunhyang 2021. She says that people describe her as a "fox" based on her looks, but she's actually simple and transparent in a relationship. She also says she's super popular and is extremely confident in her looks and personality.

Instagram: @hi__jjeong2

Park Min-kyu

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Park Min-kyu, 34, is a police officer and rescue diver on the Korean Coast Guard's Sea Special Rescue Team. He used to be a competitive swimmer in grade school, and though he stopped after a shoulder injury, he's still "super competitive" in his day-to-day life. He says his best features are his height and broad shoulders—he even used to have the nickname "Shoulder Beast."

Instagram: @ssrt_mk

Yu Si-eun

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Yu Si-eun, 27, is a freelance model in the wedding, fashion, and beauty industries. She is also an influencer and media personality who was the first runner-up for Miss Korea 2022. She says that she has been popular since she was little, and she has an expressive, cute personality. She's also well known for looking similar to Blackpink's Jennie.

Instagram: @yoo__si

Cho Min-ji

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Min-ji, 26, is an economics major at Ewha Woman's University who is working towards a career as a television anchor. She was also a participant in Miss Korea 2022, and she's acquainted with season 2 cast member Choi Seo-eun. She says that she joined the show for the chance to meet someone "truly amazing who will blow [her] mind.

Instagram: @joymingzi_

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