'Girls5eva' Season 4: Everything We Know

The witty comedy takes its revived '90s pop group to new heights.

Sara Bareilles as Dawn, Paula Pell as Gloria, Busy Philipps as Summer and Renee Elise Goldsberry as Wickie in Girls5eva (Season 3, Episode 04)
(Image credit: Emily V Aragones/Netflix)

Girls5eva is back! (Unless you didn't catch them in the first round, in which case, introducing Girls5eva!) Executive produced by Tina Fey and created by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt alum Meredith Scardino, the musical comedy follows the grassroots comeback of Girls5eva, a Y2K-era girl group who get new buzz after their only hit is sampled in a rapper's latest hit. The now middle-aged Dawn (Sara Bareilles), Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry), Summer (Busy Philipps), and Gloria (Paula Pell) are determined to revive their pop-star career and keep doing what they love, no matter what obstacles—from the music industry's ageism to their ordinary personal lives—get in their way.

The hilarious successor to joke-a-minute series like 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt, Girls5eva was on Peacock for its first two seasons, before the streamer decided not to move forward with the underrated gem. Netflix picked up the series in October 2022, and Girls5eva just made its debut on the streaming giant, along with six new episodes. So, will the comedy continue on at its new home? Here's what we know about a possible Girls5eva season 4.

Has 'Girls5eva' been renewed for season 4?

Not yet, but season 3 did just hit Netflix in mid-March, and the streamer has been known to take a couple months before making a decision on more seasons. In an interview with Decider, Scardino shared that the Girls5eva crew is definitely up for more episodes. “I would like to do one. I would like to see the story continue, assuming people watch it and love it,” she told the outlet.

The showrunner didn't drop any hints for the future of the show, but she did reveal that she has “a notes app [full] of a bunch of ideas and things” for the comedy going forward.

Busy Philipps as Summer, Paula Pell as Gloria, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Wickie and Sara Bareilles as Dawn in GIRLS5EVA (Season 3, Episode 02)

The members of Girls5Eva (Busy Philipps as Summer, Paula Pell as Gloria, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Wickie, and Sara Bareilles as Dawn) perform their anthem "Big P*ssy Energy," in Girls5eva season 3.

(Image credit: Emily V Aragones/Netflix)

When would 'Girls5eva' season 4 come out?

If season 4 does get the go ahead, it's likely that Girls5eva could return to the yearly release schedule it had a Peacock, with seasons 1 and 2 premiering in May 2021 and 2022. There's a precedent for Netflix comedies releasing at a quick pace: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt aired on the platform for four seasons, which each installment coming out within a year of each other.

What would 'Girls5eva' season 4 season 4 be about?

The Girls5eva season 3 finale sees the group riding on an unexpected wave of success. After Summer tricks Ticketmaster's resale bots into selling out their Thanksgiving Day concert at Radio City Music Hall, the group finds out that Wickie's old solo single "Yesternights" had been featured in The Crown's finale (wrapping up an earlier joke about Kate Bush's feature on Stranger Things season 4). Wickie immediately gets a call from Nance Trace (Vanessa Williams in just a voice cameo, unfortunately), and this time she has enough juice to bring Girls5eva along for the ride. Though the show ends on a cliffhanger, cutting out before Wickie says whether or not the group will take the gig, it's pretty clear that the group is headed for new levels of stardom. What comes after a reunion at Jingle Ball, a comeback alum, and a (sort of) hit tour? With this show, we're sure whatever happens, the laughs will come.

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