'Sweet Home' Will Return for Its Third and Final Season Very Soon

Fans of the monstrous K-drama won't face another three-year wait.

Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su, Lee Jin-uk as Pyeon Sang-wook in Sweet Home S2
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Before Squid Game became the most popular K-drama in the world, Sweet Home showed Netflix's potential as a destination for intense, must-watch Korean shows. The action-horror series, based on the webtoon of the same name, arrived on the streaming giant in December 2020, and became the first South Korean series ever to enter the top 10 in the United States, as well as reaching no. 1 in eight global regions. Now, three years later, season 2 has finally arrived on the streamer, expanding the monster-filled world past the end of the source material and introducing a changed world, as survivors Cha Hyun-su (Song Kang), Lee Eun-yu (Go Min-si), Seo Yi-kyung (Lee Si-young), and Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-uk) struggle to survive after the majority of the globe's population are transformed into gruesome monsters.

While tons of viewers are expected to check out the brutal world of Sweet Home for the first time upon season 2's release, longtime fans know that the sophomore season won't be the last of the series. In June 2022, Netflix announced that the monster drama was renewed for both its second and third season. So when will Sweet Home season 3 arrive on our screens? Read on for everything we know so far.

When will 'Sweet Home' season 3 come out?

The Sweet Home season 2 finale ends in several huge cliffhangers and surprises for fans, including a hint of when the series will return. In the final moments, an ending card reveals that season 3 will premiere in summer 2024. The quick return is due to seasons 2 and 3 being filmed back to back for over a year, with production coming to an end in March 2023.

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Which of the cast will return for Season 3?

Warning: Spoilers for all of Sweet Home season 2 ahead. All of the surviving cast from season 2 are guaranteed to return for Sweet Home's final season, including Song Kang (Cha Hyun-su), Go Min-si (Lee Eun-yu), Jinyoung (Park Chan-young), Yoo Oh-seong (Tak In-hwan), Oh Jung-se (Dr. Lim), Kim Moo-yeol (Kim Young-hu), Kim Si-a (Ah-yi), and Lee Jin-uk (Pyeon Sang-wook/Jung Ui-Myeong). Though their characters both met their demises in season 2, Seo Yi-kyung (Lee Si-young) and Park Gyu-young (Yoon Ji-su) could also potentially show up again via flashback.

In the biggest surprise of the season, the last scene of the season 2 finale revealed that Lee Eun-hyuk (played by The Glory star Lee Do-hyun) did (kind of) survive the Green Home apartments' collapse at the end of season 1. The original cast member is expected to return in season 3, where we'll get answers for his return.

What will 'Sweet Home' season 3 be about?

The highly-anticipated second season mostly served as a part 1 to set up several mysteries toward the fate of human souls after they turn into monsters and how humanity would be able to survive among the era of monsterization. In a roundtable interview with the cast of season 2, newcomer Jin-young gave Marie Claire his take on how the show evolved in the new episodes.

"Before when I looked at the monsters [while watching season 1], I wondered more about why they were here. Why did they appear?," he said. "However, this time around, I was digging a little bit deeper into why they became monsters in the first place, and how [the humans] were trying not to turn into monsters. I think there was also a lot of effort that wen’t into trying to show the extreme rock bottom of human nature, so I think in that way, the universe was expanded."

We were also introduced to two new variations of the monsters throughout the season: Yi-kyung's child (played by Kill Boksoon's Kim Si-a), who was born of a monster and a human and has special powers; and the humanlike creatures who emerged from the monster cocoons left at Green Home. After Eun-yu spent the season convinced that her brother Eun-hyeok had turned into a monster, the finale confirmed that a now monsterfied Eun-hyeok had hatched from one of the cocoons. We don't know whether he's still the person he was before his transformation, but his brief, sinister smile shows he may end up as a villain in season 3.

lee do hyun sweet home season 3

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The season 2 finale sets up several questions for viewers: What will Hyun-su and Yi-kyung's child's relationship become, after Hyun-su had to kill Yi-kyung? Will Ui-myeong (who we now know has been Yi-kyung's fiancé Sang-won all along) figure out how to turn all humans into monsters? What will happen to the new commune of survivors when it's revealed that Chief Ji has been harboring a monster in the stadium?

Though the actors had to avoid spoilers during the roundtable, Lee Jin-uk (who plays Ui-myeong/Sang-won) did give a vague hint of what's to come.

"Among the many untied knots [from] the second season, you’ll be able to see a lot of those knots be tied and come to a conclusion in season 3," Lee said. "Without spoilers, what I can say is there will be some kind of a [symbolic] child custody fight and I’m just going to leave it at that. That’s all I can share with you, no spoilers here."

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