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Meet the stars of Netflix's new swoon-worthy K-drama.

Bae Suzy as Lee Doona, Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun in DOONA!
(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

If you're looking for the next gorgeous K-drama romance, Doona! should be at the top of your list. Based on Min Song-ah's webtoon The Girl Downstairs, and directed by Crash Landing on You's Lee Jung-hyo, the nine-episode Netflix series follows the romance between two people from completely different worlds who are thrown together by total coincidence. At the peak of her career, Lee Doo-na (the former K-pop singer turned actress Bae Suzy) makes the surprising decision to drop out of her girl group Dream Sweet and spend her days in hiding at a college town sharehouse. There, she meets Lee Wonjun, a 20-year-old student living upstairs who barely knows who she is.

After an awkward first meeting that prompts some misunderstandings, a lonely Doo-na soon begins pestering Won-jun to eat together and hang out more often. Eventually they become close and must decide whether to act on their mutual attraction despite everything that stands in the way. Meanwhile, Doo-na has to decide if she wants to continue a life as an entertainer or fully join the civilian world, and Wonjun works to secure a stable job and navigates his feelings about an old flame who turns up at his university.

Doo-na and Won-jun's love story is a lovely and bittersweet saga, as the two young people learn more about themselves and the adult world while facing the small and large struggles that come while building a relationship. In addition to the main couple, Doona! is also a heartwarming show that will remind viewers of their college days and early '20s, from friendships and first loves to cohabitation with roommates and decisions about the future. To portray these stories, director Lee has gathered a cast of rising stars, led by Suzy in a role that seems tailormade for her. Read on to learn more about the talented cast of Doona!.

Bae Suzy as Lee Doo-na

bae suzy as lee doona in doona

(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

Doo-na was the star member of Dream Sweet, before she left the group without a word of warning. Now she lives on the first floor of a sharehouse, where she spends her days alone, troubled with the aftermath of the online bullying and harassment she faced as a star. When Won-jun shows up, wearing a Dream Sweet sweatshirt, he seems like just another fan, but the strange guy goes on to surprise her.

Bae Su-ji, better known as Suzy, debuted as a member of the Chinese-Korean girl group Miss A in 2010, and served as the group's lead vocalist until their disbandment in 2017. She got her start in acting with a role on the 2011 idol series Dream High, and she's since appeared in dramas including Big, While You Were Sleeping, Vagabond, and Anna, for which she received the Best Actress award at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards. Next year, she's set to reunite with her Uncontrollably Fond co-star Kim Woo-bin, for a new drama from The Glory screenwriter Kim Eun-sook.

Instagram: @skuukzky

Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun

Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun in DOONA!

(Image credit: Park Young-kyu/Netflix)

At the start of Doona!, Won-jun moves into the sharehouse to be closer to school after a year of commuting from his childhood home. He's determined to graduate and get a stable job as the breadwinner for his family, which includes his ill younger sister. As he settles in, he can't help but think about his downstairs neighbor, who looks very similar to his best friend's favorite singer.

Yang Se-jong briefly worked as a fashion model before enrolling in an acting program at Korea National University of Arts in 2012. He made his debut in the popular drama Dr. Romantic in 2016, and went on to win the Best New Actor award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his performance in the 2017 romance drama Temperature of Love. His other credits include Saimdang, Light's Diary; Duel; Thirty But Seventeen; My Country: The New Age; and Dr. Romantic season 2. Doona! is his first role since he completed his mandatory military service.

Ha Young as Kim Jin-ju

Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun and Shin Ha-young as Kim Jin-ju in DOONA!

(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

Jin-ju (above, right) met Won-jun as high school students in their hometown, but there's a mysterious, loaded history between the two. When they run into each other again at school, they continue their friendship and have to settle their old feelings.

Shin Ha-young began her career as a model, while studying art at Ewha Womans University and NYC's School of Visual Arts. She made her debut in the 2019 drama Doctor Prisoner, and has gone on to appear in Chocolate; Mouse; Now, We're Breaking Up; and The Good Detective season 2. She also recently appeared in last year's smash hit Extraordinary Attorney Woo, playing a wife in the second episode.

Instagram: @havv_y

Park Se-wan as Choi Yi-ra

Park Se-wan as Choi I-ra in Doona

(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

I-ra was born in the same hospital on the same night as Won-jun, and their mothers always said their children should get married. However, Won-jun and I-ra have very different personalities; while he's quiet and calm, she's a spirited bundle of chaos who teases and torments him throughout childhood. Her family emigrated to South America when they were still young, so Won-jun's shocked when he runs into her at school one day.

Park Se-wan made her acting debut in 2016, with small roles including playing a ghost in the hit global drama Goblin. She went on to appear in School 2017; I Am Not a Robot; Just Dance; Joseon Survival; Never Twice; and Alice, the Final Weapon. Doona! is her second Netflix drama, following 2021's So Not Worth It.

Instagram: @sewanitsme

Kim Do-wan as Gu Jung-hoon

Kim Do-wan as Gu Jung-hoon in Doona

(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

Won-jun's disciplined, love-averse roommate Jung-hoon is played by Kim Do-wan. He made his acting debut in the 2017 youth drama Seventeen, and has since appeared in dramas including Tempted, Start-Up, My Roommate is a Gumiho, and Big Mouth.

Instagram: @kimdwan_

Kim Min-ho as Seo Yoon-taek

Kim Min-ho as Seo Yoon-taek in Doona

(Image credit: Kim Seung-wan/Netflix)

Won-jun's other roommate, Yoon-taek, is a hopeless romantic who's known for being unlucky in love and having short relationships. He's played by Kim Min-ho, who got his start in 2003 as a child actor. Kim went on to appear in movies and dramas including Swing Kids, The Sound of Your Heart, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, The Uncanny Counter, Jirisan, and New Recruit.

Instagram: @kimno4885

Lee Jin-wook as Park In-wook

Lee Jin-wook appears in the show in a guest role as Park In-wook, Doona's former manager who she believed was the love of her life. The actor is best known among Netflix fans for playing loner Pyeon Sang-wook in the zombie horror drama Sweet Home, and he's also set to join the highly-anticipated second season of Squid Game. His other credits include the dramas I Need Romance season 2, The Three Musketeers, Voice season 2, Bugasal: Immortal Souls, and Welcome to Wedding Hell, as well as the films Miss Granny, The Beauty Inside, High Society, and A Year-End Medley.

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