Wind Blown: 6 Skirts That Swing Just Right

Try a Marilyn moment on for size.

If you haven't experienced it firsthand, take it from me, a wind-blown-skirt moment is the single most anxiety-inducing, yet glamorous happenings of life. On one hand, you're flashing your skivies to half of the city, on the other, you're having your own — albeit not quite as Old Hollywood — Marilyn Monroe la Seven Year Itch moment. Yesterday, Jessica Alba had her own Marilyn-esque episode while wearing a burgundy Katharine Kidd Fall 2014 skirt (see above) and it has us craving the full, fluttery midi skirts that soar with each step. Sure, when you slip one on you run the risk of involuntarily flaunting what you've got, but their movement is markedly graceful. Shop this season's most sweeping styles, below, but keep in mind that a little breeze can go a long way. Oh, and wear cute underwear.

1. MSGM Laminated Leather Effect Midi Skirt, $408;

2. Topshop 3D Rosette Midi Skirt, $150;

3. Massimo Giorgetti Printed Satin Midi Skirt, $575;

4. Tibi Simona Jacquard Midi Skirt, $395;

5. ASOS Full Midi Skirt In Mono Rose Print, $87.06;

6. Rochas Bat-Jacquard Midi Skirt, $1,275;

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