Cara Delevingne is Topshop's Holiday Campaign Star

And she's just what we needed.

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In the oft high-strung world of fashion, Cara Delevingne's (opens in new tab) tongue-in-cheek disposition is always just what we need. But now that the holiday season is upon us—and tensions will inevitably be running high—we're elated to learn that Delevingne is Topshop's 2014 Christmas campaign star — rocking out to The Cars' "Just What I Needed," no less. In the teaser video, the supermodel gets down to the classic rock song, while wearing the British high street brand's decadent holiday looks and showing off some impressive hula-hoop prowess. Get your first taste of the holidays with Cara, below:

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Photos courtesy of Topshop

Lauren Valenti
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