A Color to Try this Spring: Yellow

Whether it's on a patterned pillow cover, a pair of flats or a coffee mug, Catherine Hageman's got a thing for yellow.

For me, there is no better sign of spring than switching out my cold-weather clothes for my warm-weather ones. My tiny closet means I can only store two seasons worth of clothes at a time, and getting my spring wardrobe out is like meeting old friends. I rediscover my favorites all over again!

Of course, I have to find new favorites, too — in new favorite colors. I've been on mint and peach kicks, and now, I'm looking for pieces in yellow. I have always loved the hue, and I'm so excited to see it back in style. Since I don't have as much in the color as I'd like, I'm looking forward to doing some shopping.

One of my spring staples is yellow flats. I pair them with army green and navy, and they add the perfect pop of color to an otherwise simple outfit. They're just as good with a casual look as with a dressier one, and I wear them at least once a week.

Yellow isn't just brilliant for shoes. This season, I've seen blazers, capris and sweaters in shades of sunshine. Almost-but-not-quite neon, this bright color is much more flattering than the paler version most people (including me) can't wear — so no matter your skin tone, shocking yellow is a great option. I'm definitely getting some yellow shorts for summer!

I'm not content to let my wardrobe enjoy all the yellow — why not spruce up the couch pillows with some pretty patterned covers?

But perhaps my favorite yellow piece is this floral raincoat. April showers won't get me down when I'm wearing something so bright.

Kate Spade Sweet Zinnia Studs, $68; Ann Taylor Stretch Twill A-Line Skirt, $98; Delicious Pillows Yellow Pillow Cover, $17; J.Crew Chino Short, $48; Land's End Sunshower Coat, $110; Nine West Cyndi Flats, $59; Crate and Barrel Yellow Mug, $4.

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