How I Organize My Closet

So many clothes and so little space - it's a common predicament around here. Catherine Hageman shares her system, and inquires about yours.

It might look slightly unkempt and packed from ceiling to floor, but it's also my happy place. My closet: the place where I stand for way too long each morning debating what to wear.

I live in an older home and have only one closet. Technically, I suppose it's considered a walk-in closet — but only one person can walk in it at a time (and it's a tight fit). Between the size of the space and my abundant wardrobe, I can only store two seasons worth of stuff at a time. Currently, my fall and winter clothes are downstairs in three storage bins. Yes, three. I've told you, I really like to shop.

To cut down on the time it takes to pick out an outfit, my clothes are organized by two categories: color and type. Tops and sweaters are split into work and non-work, and kept separate from pants, skirts, dresses and blazers. When I first decided to arrange my closet by color, even I thought it was a little much. Now, it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier — and who doesn't love looking at a pretty rainbow of clothes?

Gym clothes, PJs, sweats, underwear and socks all get their own dresser drawers. Okay, if I'm being honest, sweats and other comfy clothes get three drawers. Can't have enough yoga pants, after all.

And shoes — well, those are another story. Usually the current favorites are kept out, partly because I'm always reaching for the same ones in the morning, but more because I don't have any more room in my hanging shoe organizer.

How do you organize your closet? I'm always looking for new ways to save on space, and I'd love to hear your tips!

Catherine Hageman dispatches fashionista tendencies fit for a corporate career on Small Town, Big Wardrobe.

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