'Game of Thrones' Star Gwendoline Christie Just Walked the Miu Miu Runway in Shanghai

You'll know her as Brienne of Tarth.

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The typical look that Game of Thrones fans are used to seeing from Gwendoline Christie involves a full body of armor, a deadly sword and a face full of furious rage. But this week, the actress has gone for something a little different. Think Brienne of Tarth, but make her fashion.

Christie, who also appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year, swapped Westeros for the runway this week, to appear in Miu Miu’s Cruise 2019 Fashion Show in Shanghai on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, that impressive 6ft 3in height and towering stature made her the most incredible model. The British star, who recently turned 40 (this has blown my mind), stole the show for the designer, when she took to the catwalk in an emerald green and metallic leopard print gown, featuring cut out details at the waist.

Although she opted against accessorizing with a sword this time, Christie did instead wear strappy black heels, a touch of wine-colored lipstick, and slicked down hair.

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The whole thing is even more awesome when you remember that the actress-turned-model, currently in a relationship with designer Giles Deacon, has previously spoken of how she was plagued by bullies at school over her appearance. Despite it all, she has since learned to find her “inconsistencies and ugly parts” to be beautiful and unique. Christie told ES Magazine: “You either think ‘I’m unconventional and there’s no place for me and therefore I should disappear', or you think ‘Good, I’m happy to be on the outside.’ Because if this is the small-minded, mean, uncompassionate viewpoint of the inside, then I don’t want to be there."

Continuing her inspirational message, the Game of Thrones star said: “I’m happy out here with all the other leftovers, who show love and support for each other. All of the inconsistencies, complexities and ugly parts — whatever that might mean — can exist and beauty can be made out of it. That’s what I want beauty to be.’

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Christie also explained how venturing into the world of fashion, and modeling for Vivienne Westwood in the past, helped in her struggle. “It was a combination of wanting to escape the unpleasant narrative that was being applied to me at school, where I was bullied terribly,” she said, “and loving the transportative nature of the arts.”

I am SO on board with Brienne of Tarth elbowing all models out of her path to take over every runway at every Fashion Week from now on.

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