Levi's Incredible Jeans Sale Is Making Me Want a New Pair for Fall

Right now, Amazon is slashing the price of several of Levi's jeans styles. Shop them here.

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Never underestimate the power of great jeans, especially from a brand like Levi's known for its cult-favorite styles. The clothing company checks off all the boxes for a fab pair of denim (we would know...have you seen our complete guide on denim?)—soft, stylish, and a hint of stretch all at an affordable price.

As if you needed another reason to love Levi's, Amazon's currently having a low-key sale on some of the brand's popular styles. Simply search for Levi's and you'll find everything from a straight-legged pair to classic skinny jeans to a bootcut option that will look amazing with your new booties for fall. Most pairs are free of embellishments, rips, and frays, so they'll transition nicely from casual Fridays at the office to happy hour with friends.

The catch? Since prices vary by size, style, and color, you'll have to sift through each listing to find the deal for you. But trust us: The search is so worth it. Some pairs, like the ones above, are selling for as low as $36. Perhaps an early holiday gift to yourself?

Shop more Amazon Fashion sales with Slick Deals.

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Kelsey Mulvey
Kelsey Mulvey

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