Everlane Just Launched a Waitlist for Its New Perform Leggings

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Everlane has all your basics covered—I love their black high-waisted skinny jeans—and until this moment, you might not have realized the retailer was even missing a category. Hint: it's something you likely wear every other day. Give up? Okay, it's leggings! The eco-friendly brand just announced it will launch the "Perform Legging," which combines "form and function," so you can wear it for any activity. (Question: Does sitting on the couch while binge-watching the latest episode of Sex Education count?)

Despite the word "perform" in the name, you can most definitely rock the leggings while running errands or to a casual weekend brunch. The lightweight leggings cost $58, come in four different colors, and are made from recycled fabric, which is in line with Everlane's sustainable model. While the good news is that Everlane finally offers leggings, the bad news is that these babies aren't officially available to shop until January 22. In the meantime, Everlane's launched a waitlist for them, so get on it and keep an eye out for the legging of your dreams.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Everlane)

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Everlane)


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