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The Item I Wear to Death: My Everlane T-Shirt

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Michael Igoe

In our biweekly series, our editors will be sharing "the one item they wear to death," whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.

I live in Boston, or as I like to call it, the Icy Frozen Tundra™. We JUST dealt with a polar vortex, and I’m convinced we haven’t seen the last of the snow this season. So why, you may ask, am I giving you a recommendation for a t-shirt?

A couple reasons, really. I love Everlane with a deep, abiding passion. I love that they practice ethical manufacturing (no, really, you can look inside their factories). I love their transparency; they don’t have sales because the prices aren’t falsely hiked up. I love that they try to be eco-friendly. I love them so much that I own…*does a quick mental calculation* items from AT LEAST seven categories on their website.

The next reason is that, whether it be -14° or 90°, layering is key. This tee goes under—and over—all kinds of outfits with ease, because it’s well-constructed and loose-fitting without being overwhelming, boxy, or unflattering. If you happen to like a more fitted look, you can size down.

Thirdly, it’s incredibly adaptable. It’s easy to throw on for casual coffee.

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Noah Levitt

It’s good for looking chic while sightseeing and on day trips.

Street fashion, Plaid, Tartan, Fashion, Pattern, Blazer, Outerwear, Design, Eyewear, Jacket,
Michael Igoe

It’s a must for vacation. I can knot the shirt if I need to shorten it. (Fun fact: That’s actually a dress layered underneath, not a skirt.)

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Michael Igoe

And I can dress it up on a night out with friends—paired with coated skinnies and heels.

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Casey Smith

As you can see, I own said tee in three colors: light pink, white, and black. My pink one doesn’t have that little pocket square that the other two do, but I love both styles. It’s 100-percent cotton, which means I might have to iron out a few wrinkles, sure, but it also means the shirt is gloriously soft. My wishlist might include the black-and-white striped version and heather gray #sorrynotsorry.

I could write a whole separate piece about how the white one, in particular, is its own kind of perfect. I can’t see my bra underneath it. It’s not too long—and I am teeny of stature (not even 5’2” on my very best day). It’s forgiving: I can eat, move around, raise my arms, AND sit in it, which has to be a modern miracle. It's also a staple for when I need to brave the elements/wait for my Lyft Line to arrive.

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Michael Igoe

When I transitioned from the fashion of my youth (tight, a lot of poly blend, much too trendy) to the style I have now, I began treating clothes as investments. My New Year's resolution is to practice conscious consumerism, so when I buy something, I want it to last for years. But the great thing about this shirt is that it’s not even that expensive.

And if you buy two or more things on Everlane’s site—which I've done so many times it’s comical—shipping is free.

If I’ve convinced you to hop on the Everlane train, you can get your very own tee, below...

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Everlane The Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee, $16


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