A Marie Claire Tea Party!

The MC editors take a break for some afternoon tea at NYC's Crosby Street Hotel.

I decided that it would be a cute idea to start doing the occasional post where I check out the best of New York City — restaurants, exhibits, and Broadway shows.

Nina Garcia's assistant, Tina Kuo, knows all the best eateries, lounges, and bars, so I trusted her to plan our first Marie Claire excursion. She chose tea at the Crosby Street Hotel, a spot that I've frequented for drinks but never for brunch. But, apparently that is the case for most people: the Crosby's tea-time offerings are a bit under the radar. And that was actually the first thing I liked about the place. There were people there, but it wasn't at all crowded, so you could have an intimate conversation with someone and not worry that the table next to you could hear everything you were saying (yes, we did gossip a bit!). I also loved the décor. Its decidedly playful interior — a colorful meeting place of Morocco and English countryside — was a breath of fresh air from all these minimalist hotels popping up in the city.

The food was also delicious: scones! cupcakes! mini sandwiches! And the wide variety of tea was impressive. I don't fancy myself a tea connoisseur, but the Crosby waiters sure do. Our waiter knew about all the teas and infusions and recommended me an infusion of earl grey with peppermint (sans milk, he advised, since I had a cold). All in all, I loved the experience and definitely want to make this a Sunday ritual. See below for more pics from tea time as well as some thoughts from the other MC editors I went with.

Me with assistant accessories editor Paula Lee, fashion assistant Ashley Afriyie, Nina Garcia's assistant Tina Kuo, and MC jack-of-all-trades Sergio Kletnoy.

Tina, why do you like this tea place so much?

I love the décor of the Crosby Street Hotel. I want my apartment to look just like it! Love the colors, the small details, not to mention the cute wallpaper and furniture! Everything was amazing, down to the tea set and food!

Ashley, why don't you like tea … or fruit or vegetables?

I don't like tea because I am not a fan of hot beverages. Well, I do like hot chocolate, but not all the time. I don't really even like coffee, either. As for fruits, to be honest I just don't like the consistency of fruit, and some fruits have "hair" on them, like strawberries, raspberries, and peaches, and it creeps me out. I also hate the seeds. I do like veggies, just not all, thankyouverymuch.

Paula, what was your favorite part of the tea time?

I loved the whole experience! I live in a bit of a fantasy world so I liked pretending we were at a Duke's estate in the English countryside for afternoon tea. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours and do something different. Oh, and the warm scones with strawberry jam were delish, too!

Sergio, what's it like going to a tea party with all girls?

I felt honored being in a group of such fine ladies. Plus, why would I want to share a spotlight with other guys?!