Fashion Mis-Statements

Tony Soprano bought Carm some high-quality "Hermeez." Showgirls' Nomi Malone gushed about "Ver-sayze." One of our own fashion editors arrived in NYC convinced that DKNY was "Dick-knee." It happens to the best of us . . .


This Singapore-born designer's name rhymes with "Zen"—the antithesis of his opulently embellished clothes.

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ANNA SUI \swee\

Maybe it was her cowgirl collection, but her surname did elicit the pig call "sueeee!!!" Think "sweet" sans the T.

AQUASCUTUM \ah-kwa-skew-tum\

As you'll remember from Latin class, this name merges aqua (water) and scutum (shield)—and these British raincoats have lived up to it for well over a century.

BALENCIAGA \ba-len-see-ah-ga\

Today's head designer, Nicolas Ghesquiere \nee-coh-la guess-kee-air\, is also a mouthful. Rather delicious, he is, too!

BEHNAZ SARAFPOUR \ben-oz sah-rafpoor\

This A-list designer is simply "Behnaz"; her clientele—mostly rich-girlsin- a-hurry—rarely have time to manage both her first and last name.

CESARE PACIOTTI \che-sah-ray pa-chotee\

We say ciao and get all choked up over his gorgeous footwear.

CHLOË SEVIGNY \sev-en-ee\

This actress/designer's muse is seven times a style icon.

DRIES VAN NOTEN \dreez van no-ten\

The first name rhymes with "trees," which is easy to remember: The Belgian scattered gold leaf through his fall collection.

HERMÈS \er-mez\

So, who's going to tell Tony Soprano that the formidable French house ne pronounce pas the "h"? The second syllable rhymes with "fez."

INEZ VAN LAMSWEERDE \in-ez van lams-veerd\ & VINOODH MATADIN \vihnood mat-a din\

Even seasoned fashionistas need travel guides to navigate the bumpy road through these photographers' multisyllabic monikers.

MARCHESA \mar-kay-sah\

Hollywood actresses are more than okay with what this London house offers.

MIU MIU \mew-mew\

No need to get into a catfight over it: Miuccia Prada's nickname is as easy to love as her funky secondary line.

MONIQUE LHUILLIER \mo-neek loo-leeyay\

Rumor is a lot of young actresses send their stylists over to pick up her glam gowns: Her name is a line many of them just can't learn.

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NATALIA VODIANOVA \vo-dee-ah-no-vah\

She sounds like a prima ballerina and is grace personified on the catwalk.

PETER SOM \sahm\

Many a psalm has been sung to this young designer's heavenly clothes.

PROENZA SCHOULER \pro-en-za skooler\

"Schoul" rhymes with "drool"—and you might over their fabulous fall 2006 collection.

RODARTE \ro-dar-tay\

This exquisite label's hand-stitching and beading attest to the art of fashion (but pronounce all three syllables).


She looks Scandinavian—but doesn't go by "yo." It's Jo-hansson.

SONIA RYKIEL \ree-kee-el\

We're really keen on her resort collection.

THAKOON \ta-koon\

Suppress the urge to pronounce this onenamer "tha-koon." You wouldn't go out for "thigh food," would you?

TIIU KUIK \tee-you kweek\

Estonia exports models with impossibly long legs and impossibly short names.

TRASTEVERINE \tras-te-ve-reen-eh\

Italians believe all vowels are created equal: Give them their due.

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