Out With the Old: These Are the 30 New Products I’ve Purchased to Complement My British-Girl Aesthetic

Less is always more.

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(Image credit: Humaa Hussain)

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I live for clothes, beauty, and shopping—so much so that I figured out how to get paid while doing it. My style evolves so much because I get introduced to a bevy of new brands on the daily, but I’d be lying if I said my location didn’t also have a role in the clothes I wear and the products I use.

As a young girl born and raised in London, I was constantly surrounded by fashion culture and the style squad. My mood boards were always filled with images of It girls running errands in Marylebone and taking a coffee break on the streets of Bloomsbury. So it’s no surprise that these same women influence the way I dress now that I’m older. Over the years, I’ve become my American friends’ go-to person for advice on how to dress like a quintessential British girl, and I have a lot of wisdom to dish out. 

Whether it’s wearing a bodysuit under your sweatshirt when it’s cold, buying jeans slightly on the bigger side, or wearing cream blush and mascara on “no-makeup days,” I’ve got all the secrets you need to create the perfect British-girl look. Below, I’ve rounded up 30 pieces I’ve added to my arsenal this season.