Chloé's New Lower-Impact Nama Sneaker Is a Step Ahead

The french fashion house is making strides in sustainable fashion.

chloe nama sneaker
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Given the option to purchase a traditional sneaker or a version that looks great, weighs less, and uses 80 percent less water and 35 percent fewer greenhouse gases, which one would you choose? The answer is a no-brainer. Yet, a seemingly small decision—like what shoes to purchase—can have profound environmental impacts.

French fashion house Chloé—the first European luxury house to become B Corp certified—is making the choice even easier with their chic new sneaker, Nama. Part of the Spring 2022 collection (more than half of the collection utilized lower-impact materials), the design further drives home the brand's commitment to a planet-friendly approach to fashion.

The shoe's journey was traced from extraction of the materials to final production. Each material was chosen for its lower environmental impact, using 100-percent recycled nylon, polyester, and cotton as well as recycled knit yarn, microsuede, and an alternative water-based glue that relies on less harmful chemicals than traditional solvents.

With their sights set on the furthering the brand’s sustainability efforts, Chloé is continuously evolving their design choices, making it even easier for shoppers to make conscious purchases. The Nama sneaker is available today, in seven super stylish, vibrant color combinations to choose from.

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