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How to Make a Denim Jacket Your New Spring Uniform

Wear Mon–Fri, wash, repeat.

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The best part about a jean jacket is that you can wear it three days in a row, and zero people will judge you for it. I would know: I have a rotating collection of six (trucker, cropped light denim, dark denim, etc.) that has greatly evolved since my middle school days yet still look timeless—an ode to the versatility of the jacket. Get a little inspo on how to style your own collection from these cool-girl celebs, ahead.

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Denim on Denim

I will stan denim on denim until the day I die. It's not tacky—it's incredibly chic, and essentially the same concept as if you were wearing a tracksuit.

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Arielle Frayed Denim Jacket
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Keep It Cropped

For a baggy-but-still-intact look, grab a pair of high-waisted jeans and pair them with a cropped trucker denim jacket to make a statement.

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Annie Cropped Jacket
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Matchy Matchy

Who said a jean jacket has to only come in denim? Finding a set to match for a monochromatic look will make you the coolest girl in the room.

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Annie Cropped Oversized Jacket
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Dress It Up

Embellished denim is the fun one in the friend group. Throwing it over a maxi made for spring adds some grit.

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Oversized Studded Denim Jacket in Charcoal Wash
MICHAEL Michael Kors Bloomingdales
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Let us not forget about the denim that doubles as a blazer, which is now your new office staple.

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Raw Hem Oversized Washed Black Denim Jacket
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Layered Up

When layering feels like a second job, sometimes all you want to do is throw on a pullover. Take it to the next level by adding some oversized denim over it and you've miraculously become a street style star overnight.

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Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket
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Roll It Up

When spring feels more like summer, all it takes is a bralette, a pair of leggings, and a roll up of the sleeves for a fresh take on the denim style.

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Long Denim Jacket
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Light Wash Wonder

Forget any rule you've ever heard about mixing light and dark wash denim. See Kendall Jenner's day-to-night style for proof.

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Charli Jacket in Heed
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Off the Shoulder

Denim has never looked cooler with this effortless off-the-shoulder look. The trick to keeping it from sliding off? Enclose one button on the bottom and leave the rest open to show off your florals.

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Johansson Denim Jacket
Andersson Bell Net-a-Porter
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Pair It with Shorts

When it finally hits 70 degrees and you're still not ready to sacrifice your sleeves, here's where the denim comes in handy—light enough to block out sweat, heavy enough to keep you warm from the extra breeze.

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Kelsey Denim Jacket
Universal Standard
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The Classic

Keep it simple with the timeless white tee. When the transition from winter to spring feels like a drag, you'll have this classic pair to look forward to—always.

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Classic Denim Jacket
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Hello, Shearling

Suddenly it's 50 degrees again, and now you're doing the most in a (faux!) shearling denim jacket.

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Faux Shearling-Trimmed Denim Jacket
Madewell Net-a-Porter
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The Half Shoulder

We call this the half shoulder—not totally off, not totally on, and just the right length to style any outfit, including this t-shirt dress. Finding outerwear that matches the length of your main piece allows for a cleaner, polished look.

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Oversize Denim Jacket
TOPSHOP Nordstrom
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Coming Up Roses

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, here's your reminder that your favorite material makes its way across the Pantone spectrum. Button it up and pull out the collar to make it the main attraction.

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Suede Slouch Trucker Jacket
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The Toss Up

Hello, and welcome to the latest addition of spring jacket accessorizing. Read: not actually using it as a jacket.

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Distressed Oversized Icon Denim Jacket
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