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The Best Sun Hats on Amazon to Shield You In Style

I'm all about the floral bucket hat.

amazon sun hats 2020
Design by Susanna Hayward

When packing for the beach, hats are crucial, both for your look and to protect you from the sun. If you still haven't found a hat to your liking or in your price range, however, let's try another option: Amazon. After all, you can find some amazing white t-shirts on there, not to mention work totes. So there's hope that the perfect hat awaits you. I perused a ton of hats on the marketplace, and I selected the best ones, ahead, based on style, function, price, and reviews. Since the only other thing you have to go on are photos, other people's testaments are super important when deciding between two or three styles. Before you even think about laying out in the sun this season, make sure you're armed with one of the hat options below. Don't forget about the sunscreen, too.

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Best Lightweight Hat
Victoria Sun Hat
Wallaroo Hat Company amazon.com

This hat has excellent reviews for being lightweight, adjustable, and easily packable. The hat comes in 22 different colors, so you can theoretically get one to match every one of your outfits. The hat can be dressed up or down by swapping a bikini for a cute dress.

Best Reversible Hat
Cotton Boonie Sun Hats
LLmoway amazon.com

This bucket hat is made from 100 percent cotton and is reversible, so you're getting two looks in one. For a little pick-me-up, show off the printed side. This hat is windproof and comes with a detachable wind lanyard if you don't want the straps dangling by your face. 

Best for Style
Sound of the Ocean Straw Sun Hat
Roxy amazon.com

The soft pink and brown stripes on this sun hat make it pleasing to wear if you care about the aesthetics of your accessory. It has a frayed-looking brim, which makes the hat look more natural and gives it that distinctive design element. 

Best Sporty Hat
Cotton Favorite Hat Calla
Under Armour amazon.com

Your sporty side doesn't stop at the beach, so you might opt for a snapback in place of the traditional straw sun hat. This one from Under Armour comes in a fun blush color and has a built-in sweatband that wicks away moisture. 

Best for Personalization
Personalized Mrs. Floppy Sun Hats
LD Bags amazon.com

For those planning beach-destination bachelorette parties, gift the bride-to-be a personalized sun hat. If she's the type to also want all her bridesmaids matching, everyone can get their own hat customized with their names or whatever the crew's mantra is.

Best for Strong Wind
Wide Brim Sun Hat With Wind Lanyard
Furtalk amazon.com

The next time a strong gust of wind threatens to knock your hat off and send you scrambling to chase it across the sand, tighten the straps on this wide brim sun hat. It can be easily folded into your backpack or beach tote and will still pop back to its original shape.  

Best for Traveling
Open Knit Braided Cotton Beach Hat
NYFashion101 amazon.com

Hat boxes are inconvenient when you're trying to travel light, so pick a hat that's easily foldable and won't crease. This one has been suitcase-approved and comes in two different colors. One reviewer even wore this into the water and the cotton material survived getting wet—a plus when you want to embrace those ocean waves. 

Best for Men and Women
Panama Sun Hat
Furtalk amazon.com

This unisex panama hat is made from recycled paper instead of straw for all you eco-friendly shoppers. It has a Velcro inner band, so the fit is adjustable, while the woven material allows for moisture to escape, thus keeping your head cool. It's also water resistant, so if a splash of water gets on it while you're on the boat, it'll still remain intact.

Best Bang for Your Buck
Reversible Cotton Bucket Hat
Be Your Own Style amazon.com

This reversible bucket hat has two sides: A printed one, like this one with daisies, and an inner black lining. The navy floral print has a retro vibe like the hats spotted at 3.1 Phillip Lim and costs just $11 compared to its luxe designer counterparts. With more than 22 colors and prints to select from, you won't have trouble finding the best one for your summer wardrobe. 

Best for Full-Face Coverage
UV Protection Visor Hat
Camoland amazon.com
$13.99 (26% off)

This extra wide brim visor won't make a huge fashion statement, but won't embarrass you on the beach either. It's perfect for those looking for something functional a.k.a. a hat that will keep their face free of redness and sunburns. Reviewers said this hat is super comfortable—it even comes with a detachable chin strap for windy days. 

Best for Smaller Heads
Elegant Wide Brim Hat
C.C amazon.com

This floppy hat has a cute little phrase written across the brim for those who love being OOO. It'll hold its shape because of the harder material and comes in a variety of colors, though I find black to be the most versatile. One note: this hat seems to be suited for people with smaller heads and less hair.

Best for the 'Gram
Panama Straw Hat
Accsa amazon.com

The best part about this straw hat is definitely the fringed hatband, which adds an interesting detail to the accessory while still matching with most of your outfits. According to a reviewer, the hat is also "lightweight, packable and folds easily without damage to the integrity of the hat." Given the short brim, this accessory won't provide too much face coverage but will look great on the 'gram. 

Best for Breathability
Foldable Straw Visor
Simplicity amazon.com

The cutout at the top of this hat is best for those who want their hair to get some sun, but not their face. The hole allows heat to escape from your head too on super hot days. Though the hat is easily packable, some reviewers have said fold marks do appear and it might not hold up well against the wind. 

Best for Versatility
Wide Brim Cotton Bucket Hat
Boderier amazon.com

I've been on the hunt for a plain white bucket hat and, not surprisingly, found a great one on Amazon. This one has a frayed edge for extra design effect and can easily be folded away into your work tote once you arrive to the office. Style with your favorite striped shirt.

Best for All Occasions
Foldable Wide Brim Straw Hat
Simplicity amazon.com

This hat works for both the beach and for any outdoor wedding you're going to in 2021. The scarf can be switched out for fancier occasions (I prefer my hat sans scarf at the beach) to match whatever you're wearing and the brim is neither too wide nor too small. It's durable, thin, light, and perfectly floppy. 

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