The 2010s Fashion Trends That Defined the Decade

The dawn of Instagram gave rise to picture-perfect new trends.

fashion trends 2010s
(Image credit: Jeremy Moeller)

We're fresh into a new decade, but who doesn't love to reminisce about old trends? The 2010s are a critical time in fashion history: Thanks to one app, the industry underwent a major cultural shift. Instagram was born in 2010 and our world hasn't been the same since. Along with Instagram came influencers, wellness culture, and the idea of "pics or it didn't happen." Meanwhile, the industry resurrected trends from the past, like '90s-inspired dad sneakers and festival fashion that paid homage to the Woodstock era. But this decade also gave us totally new ideas, like athleisure and Instagram-approved must-have accessories. Take a trip down memory lane with us.


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Shelby Comroe

Shelby Comroe is the Credits Editor and Fashion Assistant at Marie Claire covering all things fashion and giving credit where credit is due. Check her out @shelbycomroe on Instagram if buying designer handbags is your idea of a retirement plan!