Sarah Flint's Semi-Annual Sale Has Discounts on Ultra-Comfy Shoes's one of Meghan Markle's favorite brands.

Sarah Flint's Semi-Annual Sale Is Finally Here
(Image credit: Getty/Sarah Flint)

It's been a minute since you've probably thought about buying—let alone, wearing—shoes. (I should know, I'm currently rocking a solid rotation of slippers, fuzzy socks, and occasionally sneakers.) If you want to break the cycle and feel some semblance of normalcy, Sarah Flint's semi-annual sale (opens in new tab) is a great place to start. Now through August 3, the brand is offering up to 30 percent off select styles. As one of Meghan Markle's favorite brands (opens in new tab), the direct-to-consumer company is known for making shoes that are stylish and comfortable. So, whether you want to buy new cozy house shoes or stock up on a few pairs to wear later, now's a better time than any to replenish your shoe collection. Peruse through some of our favorite styles from the sale, below.

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