6 Gifts for Your S.O. That Show You Listen

Presents that say, “See, I know you.”

Collared shirt
(Image credit: Hearst Owned)

The point of a present isn’t the item itself—it’s to prove that you know the recipient and care enough to devote time to finding the just-right thing. This holiday season, show your partner how well you listen by wrapping up something that’s exactly what they want or need (or, most impressively, didn’t even know they wanted yet). And should you find yourself short on time, pay special attention to our first recommendation, a classic pick that basically wraps itself. Check out six gifts that'll show your significant other you really listen.

Leah Melby Clinton

Leah Melby Clinton is a writer, editor, and serious shopper who loves discovering new labels, detailing the best ways to build a wardrobe, and interviewing interesting people.