The House Dress Is the Ultimate in 2023 Loungewear

Dressing up to stay indoors.

In the past year, we've all fallen for the allure of leisurewear and the appeal of dressing for comfort and ease. At the same time, most of us are over the prospect of donning another collegiate sweatshirt. Enter: The house dress. This casual frock, inspired by vintage nightgowns, has fully rebranded itself from its former housewife status. The modern versions of the house dress are light, sweet, and have a sense of romance.

Don't let its name fool you: Of course it can be worn around the house like a chic nightie, but it can be worn anywhere else, too—just style it with a pair of kitten heels for a charming daytime look. Brands like Hill House and Sleeper can be thanked for flooding our Instagram Discover pages with countless images of women in flowy, breezy dresses, making us yearn for something new this spring. Shop our favorites styles below.

Taylor Ayers

Taylor Ayers is a fashion editor at Marie Claire, covering the new editorial fashion trends, looks, and contemporary styles.