What 57 Celebrities Wore to Meet the President

Also required: Handshakes and toothy grins.

celebrities meeting president
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The pressure of what to wear when you meet the president (and possibly the first lady) is tenfolds anxiety-inducing compared to picking out a normal ensemble for work meetings. Most of us mere mortals may never get to experience these nerves (we, for one, don't mind), but we can empathize with celebrities who often have a front row seat or access to meeting the president. When this happens, they are photographed and publicized (we want to know what happened when Barack Obama met The Rock!), which means their outfits have to be on point. And, you know the celebrity's team of stylists have carefully thought out his/her every outfits. Most celebrities appear in modest dresses, suits, and the like, along with giddy smiles and a few tears. Ahead, see what the stars wore while meeting the presidents.


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