Jameela Jamil Wore a Bold Pantsuit With Expertly Placed Cutouts

Jamil paired the look with an eye-catching Thom Browne handbag.

Jameela Jamil stunned in a cutout black pantsuit and Thom Browne handbag.
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Body-positive activist Jameela Jamil kicked off award season in a stunning all-black ensemble, complete with an eye-catching handbag (that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag).

On Thursday, Dec. 14, Hollywood A-listers took over the iconic Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood for EW’s SAG Awards Season Celebration, presented by City National Bank. In attendance was 37-year-old actress Jamil, who wore a gorgeous all-black cutout pantsuit, featuring slits showcasing the British star’s ribs and thighs. 

Jamil paired the look with an all-black pebbled calfskin and lambskin-covered sheep bag from Thom Browne, worth a whopping $3,320 for those with a few pennies to spare. 

Celebrities Jason Segel, Natasha Lyonne, Jesse Williams, Kelsey Grammer, Julianna Hough, Bob Odenkirk, Aja Naomi King, Nicholas Braun, and Jessica Williams—among others—were also in attendance, all dressed to the nines as the group of movie and television actors toasted to the SAG Awards, which will stream on Netflix.

Jameela Jamil stunned in an all-black cutout pantsuit and Thom Browne handbag.

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When The Good Place actress isn’t shining on-screen or turning heads at premieres and lavish parties, she’s focused on uplifting the body-positive moment, including keeping up the I Weigh Instagram account she founded as part of what she describes as a “life-positivity movement. 

In September, 2018, Jamil told Marie Claire that she’s an advocate for a type of body-positivity that cannot be sold to consumers. 

“It’s become a marketing slogan, and that’s not what it was originally for,” she said at the time. “It was supposed to be inclusive, and again now, it’s been taken over by very slender, often Caucasian women. And that’s fine, but they weren’t the reason that body positivity was started and needed. So it’s turned into just a way for brands to have an excuse to talk about women’s bodies some more.” 

Jamil went on to explain that her I Weigh Instagram account was a way to take back the narrative and combat the idea that the body positivity movement was just “another reason for women to feel bad about themselves.” 

“You cannot invest all of your time and thought into something that is inevitably going to fade, because your heart will only become bigger, your brain can only become more developed,” she added. “Focus on things that will grow. The things that can only become bigger and better and stronger: Those are the things we should be feeding right now.”

Jameela Jamil stunned in an all-black cutout pantsuit and Thom Browne handbag.

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In the same interview, Jamil said she doesn't "mind women thinking about their looks," adding that she's not here to "judge anyone."

"I'm just saying, make sure that you are rounded," she continued. "Being rounded and multi-faceted is the key to long-term success, happiness, and variety."

And, sure, a gorgeous cutout pantsuit and sheep handbag certainly doesn't hurt.

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