It's Official: Gym Clothes Are the New Real Clothes

So saith celebrities. To which we respond: Thank you.

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When we discovered thatoft-denounced sweatpants were among Google's most-searched spring 2015 trends, we realized the athleisure movement was far from fleeting. And not just for gym-goers or green juice enthusiasts, but, say, Hollywood stars, just going about their day-to-day.

With racks upon racks of designer clothing at their disposal, celebrities choose to run around town in their gym-friendly duds. No desperate scrambles to the car so as to avoid being seen, no quick-change acts, no walks of post-workout shame. Nay—yoga pants for the people, celebrities say!

Here, six pieces of celebrity permission to skip the change of clothes and just, you know, go out.

Jessica Alba

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Kim Kardashian

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Nikki Reed

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Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid

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Rita Ora

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