7 Invaluable Life Lessons to Be Learned from Fashion Week

All I really need to know I learned on the streets (between shows).

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A little humility goes a long way

In life, fashion or regular, you will undoubtedly find yourself in the path of someone rude (doesn't have to be a PR girl) because she's had a bad day or she's tired or simply because she hasn't been brought up well. Do you snarl back? Do you pull the "Do you know who I am" card? [In Lady Grantham voice] Heavens, let's hope it doesn't come to that. Whether you're dealing with some interloper sitting in your seat or that mean security guard at Tibi who wouldn't let me stand in the foyer even though it was negative-something degrees out, stay gracious. Everybody's got their own troubles without you adding to them.

Don't go if it's not worth your time 

The events are different, but the micro calculations are freakishly similar to the ones you make on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday night. Who's going to be there? Will it be fun? But in the end, there's really only one question that matters: Is there an open bar? When it's over, will I think "That was a good decision?" 

No shoe looks good enough to warrant all-day suffering

No. Shoe.

You're going to be awfully disappointed if your sense of self-worth depends on other people 

Being so near so much material excess and so many people who've "made it" can be simultaneously super motivational and a huge bummer, especially since the whole concept of Fashion Week has warped into a month-long international social media tournament. Comparison = discontent, so remember that a) you are not her and b) you are not your follower count.   

Perfect your air-kiss sooner rather than later

Lest this happens to you.

You will never regret having packed a snack

You will, however, feel shame when your stomach gives a fortissimo growl at an importune time, like during that moment in between the photographers screaming "UNCROSS YOUR LEGS!!" and the first model walking out. It's definitely happened. 

If you're at the point in your career where you're important enough to have a car, take it

Unless the weather/your ego allows you to take public transportation or walk. Then do that, because it is always faster and cool in a Warren Buffett kind of way. 

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