Jennifer Lawrence Miscalculates, Ends Up Kissing Natalie Dormer on the Mouth

"I liked it."

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It is part of the human experience to panic right before you greet another person with a kiss. One or two? Which side first? Do I do the cheek-touch thing or does my mouth have to make contact somewhere? WHAT IF IT LANDS NOT WHERE I WANT IT TO?

Jennifer Lawrence, while great at acting and writing essays and wearing dresses barely held together by chains, is not exempt from this problem, as demonstrated by her accidental lip-lock with Natalie Dormer at Thursday night's Mockingjay: Part 2 premiere in London. "We just kissed on camera," she screamed after failing to take into account that Dormer might move her head at the last second. "And I liked it."

Solution: Make high fives the standard greeting. Or be French.

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