This Is the Trendiest Piercing of the Moment

What comes around goes around.

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Like Pringles or bath salts, piercings are similarly difficult to stop, erm, popping once you start. I found this out recently when, after the internet decided in real time that I should have a long needle stabbed through the most sensitive part of my ear, I went back and had two slightly shorter sharp implements jammed through my lobes.

I trust you watched the whole thing 😉 and understand that Adrian, the piercer at New York Adorned, was the only one who knew which location corresponded with which earring in this double-blind experiment. This is crucial information because it means that, thanks to Adrian and viewers like you, I not-so-inadvertently got the piercing of the moment—right in the conch. (Full disclosure: In our consultation before the cameras started rolling, I was like, "Please just not a dimple. Oh, and give me something trendy.")

Like anything "It"-y, conch piercings have been around for a while and are experiencing a rise in popularity Right Now—with some slight modifications:

1. The Gaia Repossi Effect, or being very spare with your styling, or having a conch with few, if anything, other surrounding piercings

2. Multiple conch piercings with hoops, so it's like this legendary Rodarte look relocated from the eyebrow to the ear

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3. Wearing whatever jewelry combination you want because mixing metals and stones is not just no longer taboo—it's de rigueur as an expression of "Look at the cool and diverse collection of sparkly things I have acquired"

I don't know about you, but after this, I'm feeling piercings coming on. ::dodges rotten tomatoes::

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