To Do: Buy One of Everything from This Feminist Fashion Line That's Donating 100% of Proceeds to Planned Paren


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Think of it not as shopping to make yourself feel better (though that might be the case); think of it as throwing your buying power behind organizations like Planned Parenthood that the Trump administration has already promised to savage—and getting a thoughtfully designed Pantsuit Nation sweatshirt in the process.

Founded by Rebecca Correa Funk and Claire Schlemme, feminist marketplace The Outrage has pledged to donate 100 percents of profits from its Pantsuit Nation range to Planned Parenthood in light of Tuesday's outcome.

"To have such a qualified, intelligent and inspiring woman come so close and lose like this is absolutely devastating," Funk said. "But it's also a signal that we have a lot of work to do. Hillary has championed women's rights for decades, and donating to Planned Parenthood is the best way we can think of to carry her work forward. So far, we've surpassed $15K in sales for our 'Pantsuit Nation' collection."

Get to it. Support groups that give women autonomy over their bodies. Support one another. And may all the New Balance you burn light the way.

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