Are You Even Instagram-Famous If You Don't Own These Sunglasses?

An accessory that's as good as having 2.4 million followers.

As a retort to the usually mocking meme format "In 2017, we'll have [done something tremendous] / 2017: [something tremendously stupid]," we actually do have cool stuff: We can shop on Instagram.

Whether that's thumbing a photo to be transported directly to a website or seeing the same puff-sleeve top on various influencers until it enters your subconsciousness, social media factoring into the buying process is a thoroughly modern invention. Don't believe me? Think about the smaller e-tailers that show up on your Discover page—and what handmade linen dresses/vintage cardigans you might've bought from them. And take an inventory of this summer's greatest hits, including the much-copied shoulder-tie Reformation dress and basket bags aplenty, whose success can be owed to their popularity amongst The Verified. Now add to that list Takesh's heart sunglasses (opens in new tab), coming soon to a shopping cart near you.

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Takesh Eyewear, $169

BUY IT: (opens in new tab).

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Separate from the Victoria's Secret models and cool-girls-about-town who wear them, the $169 frames were made to keep your phone pinging with notifications. The colors (baby blue, red, and black). That oblong lens that's so effective for thinning out the face. And the fact that they're shaped like HEARTS, which is basically conditioning your followers to double-tap.

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The only downside? The law of supply and demand. So best move fast, or consider your other options below.

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BUY IT: 1. Fancy, $10; (opens in new tab). 2. ASOS, $13; (opens in new tab). 3. Saint Laurent, $321; (opens in new tab).

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