Anna Sui Spring 2010 Fashion

Boho girl goes Barnum + Bailey? Anna Sui has always been New York's ringleader of retro and Spring 2010 is no exception. To the rousing strains of 60's Rock+Roll—with a twist of circus music—neo-hippie chicks strutted the catwalk in chunky purple knits, pink paisley pouf dresses and mega Mod stripes of orange and lime.

And ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause for our own model majorette as she balances a two foot high Drum Major hat atop her splendidly embroidered silver military jacket.

Though there's always an element of costume in Anna Sui, there was also plenty that was wearable. Cropped denim vests and mini skirts paired with whimsical pink flower tops, shifts and coats of contrasting black and white graphics, and circus animal print tops with clashing floral sleeves. A fun romp of a show, however I wonder if the market is ready to embrace another season of groovy. The energy was high, I only wish I could feel as intoxicated with it as I was by her perfectly timeless 2009 Spring South of the Border collection—whose Mexican worry doll references, rick rack borders and peasant tops still put a smile on my face. I didn't even live through the Mod era that inspired the new collection—but I'm already a little over it.

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