The Best White Dresses Can Be Worn All Year Round

They'll enhance your spring and summer wardrobes but can be a staple for any season.

white dresses
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Something about slipping into a white dress instantly elicits a feeling of giddiness. Is it because, on a deeper level, white dresses are inextricably tied to the fun-filled moments you've experienced while wearing them? Perhaps your favorite white dress makes you reminisce about picnics in the park or long walks along the shore.  

"White dresses are a staple for spring and summer as they evoke a sense of optimism after the long winter months we endure," says Amelia Smith, merchandising manager of dresses and sets at Anthropologie.

If you haven't experienced an emotional response to wearing a white dress, you can at least appreciate it for what it is: an article of clothing that can infuse instant ease into your wardrobe. "With a great white dress, you can minimize the time it takes to get dressed and maximize the longer days ahead," Smith tells Marie Claire.

As for which white dress to choose, you can opt for trendy designs (like bow-adorned mini dresses) or lean into standard silhouettes that give a nod to timeless styles (such as shift dresses). "Pulling from classic mod inspirations, the shift dress is a must-have that can offer a level of sophistication while still hinting at a youthful spirit," adds Smith.

Below, we've included a curated list of the best white dresses for any time of year (yes, white after Labor Day) and a wide selection of spring and summer dresses so you can get ahead of the shopping curve.

The Best White Dresses of 2024

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