Big Girl in a Skinny World at Fashion Week: The Tailored Look

Hello Ladies,

Great news from my post-Fall 2010 Fashion Week analysis: It seems this season many designers have designed with practicality in mind. Many of the labels that usually turn out almost-abstract art forms (i.e. "Where does my arm go, exactly?"), sent wearable, versatile pieces that would work for an array of women: the magazine editor, the chic mom on-the-go, the fashion student. While many of us can't or won't spend tons of money on one piece, these flexible workhorses are easy to find at multiple price points and sizes.

Case in point: Dolce and Gabbana's movement back to their classic pieces. The show was all business, and the craftsmanship that is synonymous with Dolce was present in every look. The lesson for the curvy girl to learn from Dolce is simple: Find an amazing tailor. When it comes to plus-size shopping, it is very difficult to find something that fits perfectly off-the-rack. Do not settle for an item that does not fit perfectly or "fits" but doesn't button -- you know who you are, ladies! Tailoring makes the ultimate difference between a piece that is OK and a piece that is perfection. This is especially true for the ever-important structured blazer. A well-fitted blazer can add a level of sophistication to just about any outfit. (A non-tailoring-related aside: Another cue to take from Dolce is that mixing your favorite black pieces with a bit of leopard-print or lace can add some sophisticated sexiness.)

Remember, investing in a classic piece like a blazer or a great structured dress is just that: an investment, and a smart one at that. Having pieces in your wardrobe that will always be in style and will last makes it much easier to dress any size body, but especially a curvy one!