Whether you're hitting up an arena mega show or meeting friends at a low-key blues bar, stepping out in an outfit that slays is a must. But even the most fashionable fashionistas need help getting into formation every now and then, which is where we come in. Check it: our sartorial cheat-sheet for every fall concert you bought tickets for—no matter what genre.

Country Vibes

In the mood for a sob song? Instead of grabbing ye olde cowboy boots, try a chic and contemporary take on Western wear. Suede + studs = style.

Coach 1941 Western Blouson, $895,; Coach 1941 Mini Bunny Print Shirt with Ruffle, $495,; Coach 1941 A-Line Skirt with Studs, $795,; Coach 1941 Western Embroidery Dinky Crossbody 24, $650,; Coach 1941 Harness Boot, $595,

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Indie Vibes

This sweet printed dress with mini bunnies gets a little extra edge with the help of a sick bag and studded boots—because who wants to spend all night dancing in stilettos?

Coach 1941 Printed Bib Ribbon Dress, $695,; Coach 1941 Western Rivets Rogue Bag, $995,; Coach 1941 Chelsea Boot, $575,

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Blues Bar Vibes

Just as appropriate for work as it is for a cocktail party—but we love it for a relaxed night having drinks with friends. A glass of wine, good music, and this ensemble? Heaven.

Coach 1941

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Pop Vibes

If you aren't rocking patches on your clothing, you aren't living life. High school style is having a major moment, and what better place to rep the look than at a pop concert?

Coach 1941 Classic Varsity Jacket, $795,;

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R&B Vibes

Metallic details lend major glam to this monochrome look. Up the cool-girl factor by pairing with your favorite sneaks and a beanie—and skip the hairstyling.

Coach 1941 Chunky Embellished Patch Beanie, $250,; Coach 1941 Oversized Varsity Jacket with Metallic Inserts, $1195,; Coach 1941 Western Rivets Saddle Bag 17,; Coach 1941 C213 Shearling Sneaker; $375,

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Rap Vibes

If a luxe shearling vest, white-hot shades and ultra-chic bag aren't already your go-to items for fall's most epic rap shows, they should be. It's just a fact.

Coach 1941 Patchwork Combo Vest, $1895,; Coach 1941 Outlaw Sunglasses, $250,; Coach 1941 Rogue Bag, $795,; Coach 1941 C213 High Top Sneaker; $350,

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Rock 'N' Roll

One word: leather. Feel free to mix textures, shapes and colors, and then chic-up the look with a stunning pure silk blouse. Ready to rock.

Coach 1941 Studded Leather Jacket, $1295,;

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