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11 Hiking Essentials You Can Also Wear *After* Your Trek

For everyone whose most frequent hiking experience is making it to the dry cleaner before it closes.


Look, as much as we love pinning wanderlust-y, outdoorsy photos/products/mugs, the truth is most of us don't get to experience nature treks on the regular (thanks, 9-5). Here, some useful items for the next adventure—but that you'll actually be able to use in everyday life, too.

A Chic AF Poncho (Yes, It's a Thing)

Beats the trash bag maneuver when you forget to pack an umbrella, amirite? Bonus: It comes in a zillion (okay, 11) colors. 

Hunter Original CORE Vinyl Smock, $230; hunterboots.com

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An In-Between Parka with Hood

This Madewell collab with Penfield (a Massachusetts-based company that makes legit outdoor goodies) produced pretty much the perfect Parka: a heritage-inspired pick with fleece-lined pockets and a bold striped lining that looks good on and off a trail. 

Madewell x Penfield Kasson Parka in Tan, $200; madewell.com

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Good (Really Good) Socks

These socks feature "HEATTECH," a material that is insulating, moisturizing, anti-microbial, and anti-odor. Basically, perfect for the outdoors (and indoors). 

Uniqlo HEATTECH Cable Socks, $10 for 2 pairs; uniqlo.com

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A Solid Beanie

This warm beanie not only keeps you cozy, but proceeds go to help U.S. National Parks and park conservatory efforts. Win-win. 

Park Watcher Beanie, $34; parksproject.us

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A Backpack That's Neither Childlike Nor Too Utilitarian

You need something to put (a good amount) of stuff in that won't hurt your shoulders–for every day, for a hike, for pretty much anything. Here it is. 

Herschel Little America Backpack (Mid-Volume) in Wine, $100; HershelSupply.com

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Yoga Pants 2.0

These pants 1) resist stains 2) protect against UV rays 3) stretch. Any questions? 

Women's Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut Pant, $50; columbia.com

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Boots for On and Off the Trail

Skip the uglies and go for these classics. 

Women's Wheelright Waterproof Hiking Boots in Dark Orange, $180; Timberland.com

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Boots for On and Off the Trail Pt. 2

These ones are good too.

Waitsfield by Merrell Sugarbush Waterproof Boots in Beeswax, $225; merrell.com

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A Cozy Zip-Up

A moto-inspired fleece that looks just as great sitting by a fire whatever indoor activity you enjoy.

Women's Wanderlust Fleece Jacket, $135; mountainkhakis.com

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Flannel (Obviously)

Throw it in your bag, wear it as a shirt, wear it as a light jacket...you get the gist.

Eddie Bauer Flannel, $42; eddiebauer.com

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A To-the-Point T-Shirt

Not a necessity, but come on—how could you not? 

Happy Camper Tee, $44; suburbanriot.com

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