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You Will Have Opinions About These Leveled-Up Flip Flops

Pumped-up kicks or nah?

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While a podiatrist once ranked flip-flops the second-to-worst summer shoe (foot-health-wise) and any city-dweller can tell you wearing them on the street is basically asking for a staph infection, for spring, designers are like, "Hold my beer." That is their prerogative, but here, we've collected some souped-up examples—platforms! beading!—to help you form your own opinion on this most unlikely trend.

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1 Fenty x Puma

You will find that this slideshow is ordered by descending outlandishness with full-length shots, followed by closeups of the advertised leveled-up flip-flops. Here, we begin with Rihanna's take on the surfer-y Havaianas—but with a heel and a surfboard leash functioning as an ankle strap.  

2 Fenty x Puma

Not that you asked, but I am very into these, because they are very creative and clever and make me think of this picture of Usher nearly wiping out. Well done, Rihanna/Rihanna's design team.

3 Isa Arfen

This season, the London-based Italian designer showed Japanese-inspired platforms with her arty separates.

4 Isa Arfen

Not so sure about the socks because of the toe wedgie they'd give you, but could definitely see the possibilities. 

5 Mary Katrantzou

Welcome to Mary K.'s fantastical kaleidoscope, where athletic fabrics are worked into elegant shapes, and the shoes are triple-decker flip-flops with one level devoted to RHINESTONES.

6 Mary Katrantzou


7 Michael Kors

But for traditionalists, we've got Michael Kors' very normal, strangely chic flip-flops. "But they're not leveled-up in the slightest," you say. Wrong, my friend—alongside Mica Arganaraz's evening ensemble of blazer, sequin skirt, and unbuttoned-to-there shirt, a plastic shoe is the one doing the leveling up, by evoking the vibe of some painfully cool surfer girl who's just come in for dinner after a day catching waves. And she still looks perfect! There's a whole story there. 

8 Michael Kors

A heartfelt sorry to podiatrists everywhere.

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