5 Swimwear Trends for Summer 2022 to Look Out For

This summer, prepare to see cut-outs, bodysuits-turned-swimsuits, and fabric that sparkles.

woman wearing orange bathing suit
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As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, there's only one thing on my mind: soaking up some sun as soon as possible, whether that means vacationing somewhere tropical or laying in my tiny New York City yard. In tandem with this fantasy is the urge to buy a new bathing suit (or two or three), especially since I haven't had much reason to replenish my summer wardrobe since the pre-pandemic summer of 2019. A lot has changed since then, including the hottest swim trends, so consider this your guide to what all the cool girls (and boys) will be wearing once sunbathing season is upon us.

Below, check out the most popular styles of the moment that you'll undoubtedly spot while having your fun in the sun. (And before you dive in, refresh your memory with the biggest swimwear trends of 2021.) 

Fabrics that Sparkle and Shine

brown shiny bikini

(Image credit: triangl.com)

I am obsessed with this trend. Picture this: While lounging on the beach (or by the pool, or in a yard, or on a rooftop...you get it) and admiring the way the way the water (or the side of a building) glimmers in the sunshine, you look down and find that you, too, are shimmering. And no, it's not because you're a Twilight breed of vampire—it's because you're donning an iridescent or subtly sparkly bathing suit, like one of the gorgeous options below.

Funky Florals

floral bathing suit bikini set with sarong

(Image credit: jcrew.com)

I am trying very hard to resist making a Devil Wears Prada reference, but, yes, florals are in right now for summer. From tropical prints to bright colors to more traditional, meadow-like patterns, stop and smell the flowers this season with these stunning pieces.

Knitted and Ribbed Fabrics

ribbed knitted burnt sienna bikini

(Image credit: deta-nyc.com)

Who says that cable knits and ribbed fabrics below solely to our fall and winter wardrobes? This look is sweet, unique, and luxuriously soft to the touch, and will add some much-needed texture to your the otherwise glossy pieces in your swim collection.

The Swimsuit-Turned-Bodysuit

high cut black one piece swimsuit

(Image credit: thehermoza.com)

I don't know about you, but I appreciate a low-maintenance routine. I also like having a few modest, bodysuit-like one pieces on hand in case I'm going to the beach with family or coworkers, and it's handy to be able to pull a pair of shirts on over my swimsuit before heading to eat, grab drinks, or walk on the boardwalk. To satisfy all these needs, the bodysuit-cum-swimsuit is going strong this year—and in a variety of cute styles!

Flirty Cutouts

white cutout bathing suit

(Image credit: gigicbikinis.com)

Looking for a way to show some skin that doesn't involve a thong bikini or a low-cut top? Consider a cut-out style for a creative way to look risqué that flatters all body types.