The New IHOP Logo Looks Like a Tampon Ad and People Are Into It

One chain’s PR flub is another company’s PR opportunity.

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Menstrual equity—that is, equality in how people who have periods are treated by society—has made some advances in recent years. The movement has seen a groundswell of support for measures like repealing the tampon tax and making sure menstrual products are affordable and available to school kids, inmates, and homeless period-havers alike. Visibility for periods is crucial to getting rid of menstrual stigma and ensuring a more equal and feminist world.

So what does that have to do with diner pancakes? As it turns out, a surprising amount. On Monday, the restaurant chain formerly known as International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, announced that it would be rebranding to the International House of Burgers, making its new nickname IHOb (stylization theirs). The company even unveiled a new logo:

Cool!, I thought. I was just thinking there weren’t enough burger places in America. And sure, “Hob” isn’t really word and it therefore makes saying the restaurant’s name slightly awkward, but it’s great to see a company actively combating the scourge that is breakfast food-centric restaurants.

But the internet was quick to notice something else about the new logo:

Yup, it's the exact same font as the one o.b. tampons use. But whether or not you agree that IHOb should have changed its name, we can all get behind menstrual equity. Sure, IHob maybe didn’t mean to support this cause, but we should take the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about periods anywhere we can get it. Don't look a tampon horse in the mouth, or something.

And look at the important dialogue we're already having:

Standing by for Red Robin’s nod to the Diva Cup in 3...2...

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