Weekend Follow-Up

So here we are-Monday. All clean and cleansed. It does honestly feel good. If you have no l=clue what I am speaking of, I just completed a 5-day Blueprint Cleanse last Friday and have worked my way back to reality eating with ease.

I honestly thought the toughest parts would be starting (Day One), the hump (Day Three) and the aftermath (returning to reality eating habits).

Yes, Day One was not so great. Getting used to the taste of the juices was a bit tough. But by Day Three I was completely used to it. Reminds me of when PowerBars came out. I was living in South Florida and had a chocolate one in a goodie bag at a swim meet. It tasted like dog food. By the end of the summer we were all eating them like candy bars! I mean, come on-they're nothing like a candy bar. Not even a crappy candy bar if such exists. And we didn't have too much money so many days it was all we had. Anyway, you get my point. It's eat what you have or don't eat at all.

Day Three was "angry day". My patience was low. It's always lower than normal but this time it was really low. I was blowing by people on the street like it was a hockey game.

And now, the aftermath. NOTHING! I mean it. I went right back to solid foods-meat in fact and tons of it. No pains, no weirdness, nothing. I have continued to eat more fruits and veggies than normal so as to ease my stomach so maybe that's helped some.

My real concern with this cleanse is the fact that it works across the board no matter what your weight, physical activity level or metabolism is. Doesn't seem something like this can be so universal. And I can't help but wonder (S&TC) what it does to someone with tons of bad gunk in their system compared to just a few months of being a bad eater. There was no skin oozing or anything along those lines so I'm hoping that means I had nothing to ooze in the first place.

I would recommend this to others and will definitely do it again after the Holidays.