TIMEX Wireless Fitness Tracker

TIMEX Introduces Timex® Ironman* Wireless Fitness Tracker It's a digital transmitter and watch system that calculates calories, distance, steps and pace. This is a new product from TIMEX that I think is just absolutely great. Absolutely ANY woman can use this watch. Someone just curious about fitness to a hard core athlete. And with the holidays right around the corner this gadget makes for a great stocking stuffer that can't go wrong.

Timex® Ironman* Wireless Fitness Tracker, a watch and
digital transmitter system is designed to help users track their daily activity in
order to realize their active lifestyle ambitions. Whatever that might be.

  • Live healthier.
  • Assess whether your current program is actually burning the calories you thought you were burning.
  • To monitor and keep track of your daily activity levels and BE ACCOUNTABLE not just averaging and rounding up or averaging your activity.

Best part is that he wireless fitness tracker's digital transmitter easily
clips to the waist and wirelessly relays information to a fashionable, highly
functional Timex Ironman Sleek wristwatch that displays calories, distance,
steps and pace. And you still get all the "extras" from TIMEX including an alarm, chronograph, INDIGLO® night-light and timer.

Available in pink, blue and black, the Wireless Fitness
Tracker has intuitive controls and boasts the following features:

• Wireless, all-day activity tracker

• 50-lap memory recall chronograph with lap, split, speed,
pace, distance and total stoppage time

• Lap information including time, distance and pace

• Training log that stores workouts by date, with best lap,
average lap, distance per lap, pace per lap, total time and total calories

• Timer with countdown stop or repeat

• Interval timer with 5 segments

• Automatic interval repetition counter

• 3 alarms with daily, weekday, weekend and day-of-week

• 2 time zones

• INDIGLO® night-light with NIGHT-MODE® feature

• Easily replaceable battery for watch and digital

• Water resistant 50m

All well and good, no great. BUT the feature I think sets it apart from the others is the fact that the watch is programed by you and ACTUALLY for you. Meaning your actual stride length. How else could it accurately calculate your numbers vs. my numbers when our leg length is no where near the same? I've tried the watch, programmed it minutes and entered my stride length walking, jogging and running. The watch can now track what I'm doing when I'm moving-either walking, running or jogging. Thereby calculating the different corresponding caloric numbers. You do not HAVE to calibrate it however. In classic TIMEX fashion, numerous options are available. The watch comes set to a typical woman's stride profile. You can even set step number goals so that when you reach that goal and alarm sounds. I'm telling you - there is now a watch that holds you accountable to your fitness goals and accomplishments. No questions asked.

Didn't think of that one, did you? No worries-TIMEX did.

TIMEX watches and especially their IRONMAN series are great for a reason. TIMEX has been around a long time. And in that time has done a great job of listening not only to their top level athletes but their top level consumers and has taken into consideration what is wanted, what is no longer wanted and what could be better. I think TIMEX not only listened to what women out there want but they came thru in the end with a product many if not most will find intriguing and a necessary addition to their daily workouts and daily routines. The watch sells for $89.95 and worth every penny.

As a world leader in sport timing devices, Timex has created
an array of watches that competitive athletes as well as non-athletes will no doubt enjoy.

Timex Sports watches are equipped with a full array of
features that will optimize your work-out or day-to-day activities. Design,
comfort and accuracy are demanded by world-class athletes and Timex continues
to introduce innovative products to meet the expectations of all athletes and
fitness enthusiasts.
 Be sure to check out TIMEX.com for more exciting time pieces from the number one sports watch manufacturing in the world. At least I think they're number one!