A friend told me about a new abdominal workout. CoreStick. The CoreStick can be used safely by starting out with small movements and work into medium and eventually large movement patterns, in order to challenge the muscles to react&rd...

The CoreStick's unique and patent-pending design allows for the muscles of the core to be activated and strengthened in all planes of motion. Many products on the market isolate the abdominals and allow for just one plane or range of motion to be utilized, but with CoreStick the variety of movement patterns that can be utilized are nearly endless. It specifically works by causing the core muscles to "fire" or "react" in response to the movement that is performed. It causes the muscles to fire "subconsciously" in the same way they work in real life with activities of daily living or during sporting activities. The mass and momentum that is created with the weighted Power Cores of the CoreStick is what makes this product so effective at strengthening the core muscles. Due to mass and momentum that occurs because of the CoreStick's unique design, a simple 2lb. Power Core can have the effect of a 10lb. weight depending on the speed and direction the CoreStick is used in. Thus, you can target the core muscles without fatiguing the arms and shoulders when performing the various exercises.

Now I know a lot of swimmers who use CoreStick so I'm anxious to try it out. The website claims golfers, tennis players, triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, people who want to loose weight, women following childbirth, patients suffering from low back pain problems, and especially people who simply want to strengthen and tone their core muscles in order to improve the quality of their lives use CoreStick.

They offer a bunch of different "packages" and to be honest I'm not sure which one to order. Of course they have a 30-day money back guarantee so there's no way to lose I guess. It's somewhat a long piece of equipment but it can be broken down into segmented parts which are not longer than 15" or more than 15 lb. and can be easily stored under a bed, in a trunk, or kept in a duffle bag for easy transport.

I also like that it serves two purposes:

can be used daily in a general flexibility and warm-up routine which is indicated especially for people who want to maintain optimal health. If you want to maximally fatigue and strengthen your abdominals, then using the CoreStick 2-3 times per week is indicated.

Stay tuned for more on the CoreStick...until then just good old fashion sit-ups for me.